Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feature: The Lost Cacowards, 2004

Well for those coming from Doomworld, I don't think I need a whole lot of introduction, even if I'm in one of my more obscure names.

So it's right on to the first feature.

Here is the puzzle: Imagine each, and every, wad to receive a mention in every year's Cacowards ceased to exist. But the race to pick the best 10 wads of each year is on more than ever! In these posts, I will highlight each and every award that I envision could have been the years' Cacowards if the real ones had never seen daylight. I think you'll be impressed that in some years, a full new list of ten impressive wads could easily be compiled. Maybe you'll even find some wads you like better than the Caco's themselves!

Here are the selection rules:
1) No wads that got actually got a top 10 (of course) or honorable mention that year.
2) Nothing that was explicitly mentioned or where it can be reasonably implied it would have gotten a top ten award but some other wad (usually by the same author) took its place instead. Goal is to highlight DIFFERENT authors!
3) No wads that are older or newer version of wads that got a Cacoward at some point (regardless of year).
4) All single player wads with at least one new level.
5) I will not choose two wads that are (entirely) from the same author(s) in a year unless I honestly cannot find ten works plus two honorable mentions by different authors I feel are all award-worthy.
6) No top 10 in one year will also be a top 10 or a significant part of a top 10 in another year.
7) Doom, Heretic, and Hexen can all get awards.
8) Wads must have been released, not simply uploaded to the archives, in the specified year.
9) Year is defined as from December 10 of previous year through December 9 of year of Cacowards.
10) I will first make a list before I compile a short review of each wad in a later post. This list is open to suggestions and I might change a pick or two if it seems to be in demand! You can post any such thoughts in the Comments - please feel free. :)

We will open with 2004, the first year to go in the name of Cacowards.

The 11th Annual Cacowards!

Top 10:
Simply Phobos
Hollow Minds
Nilla Doom
DSV 5: Final War
End Game
Castle Nevermore
In A World

Honorable Mentions:
Mansion of Time
Exquisite Corpse


  1. The only one of these I have played, indeed the only 2004 WAD I have played, is Nilla Doom, which certainly deserves some consideration.

  2. The whole purpose of this is to try and highlight 10-12 wads from each year that definitely deserve their attention even if it isn't apparent. So my goal is to have the whole list be well worthwhile!

    Thanks for the commentary; any comments/suggestions are appreciated (applies to all viewers). :)